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Grupo Anima is an award-winning commercial real estate investment and development firm that creates unique live, work, and travel spaces. Our diverse portfolio of over 200 residential, hospitality, and office properties across Mexico and the United States maintains unparalleled consistency in attention to detail, innovative design and quality materials. Our Mexican-American heritage infuses our unique design approach and is at the heart of every property we develop.
Each location is judiciously selected based on the neighborhood’s unique style, culture, and amenities, which become part of the building experience. Be it a luxury condominium, hotel, or creative office space, each Grupo Anima property reflects the character of the neighborhood in which it’s built and enhances the lifestyle of its users. Our portfolio includes coveted locations like Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades in Southern California, Mexico City’s chic Condesa, Roma, and Cuauhtémoc neighborhoods, and Mexico’s exclusive beach resort of Punta Mita on Bahía de Banderas.
Led by developer Alberto Djaddah Jamous, the Grupo Anima team of industrious planners, financiers, developers, architects, designers, and specialty consultants work together to create thoughtful and memorable properties. Our team’s transpacific relationship pulls from the strengths of each market by bringing together innovative American design and technology with handcrafted Mexican materials of the finest quality.



Grupo Anima has developed long-term relationships with key partners in the fields of architecture, design, construction, development and marketing, both in Mexico and the US. Working with experts in each field has resulted in collaborations that infuse each assignment with a unique international perspective and approach.

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